5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable This Winter.

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The changing seasons can be a difficult  transition period for your dog. Freezing temperatures can have a direct impact upon how long you will be outside on your usual walk together, inhibiting exercise amount. Also the night drawing in means fewer hours of daylight affecting your dog’s ability to snooze in the afternoon sunshine.

These factors can have a serious effect on your dog’s wellbeing health and happiness. However, don’t despair, take action, consider the following.

 1. Winter Bedding

Providing warmer plush bedding during the winter months is a no-brainer when it comes to your dog’s comfort levels during the colder months. Although dogs may like electric blankets we do not recommend these for chewers or those dogs that have accidents as these blankets should not get wet.

Instead we recommend using one of our interchangeable Bobby winter covers. These specially constructed plush covers trap the heat generated by your dog, below their body, meaning that their heat energy is not lost to the cold winter atmosphere around them.

2. Provide Extra Calories

Consider adding a little extra in your dog’s dish this winter season. The cold weather can be harsh and force dogs to use up more calories as they regulate body temperature in the cold. 

Ensure to use the same quality food as normal, but don't overfeed. Frequent weigh-ins will help you to keep track of your dog’s weight and ensure you are getting the balance right.

For additional comfort you can also mix a little warm water in with their food!

3. Step Up Your Winter Grooming Routine

Snow and ice between toes can become irritating to dogs especially when it becomes trapped between the toes. Cracked paw-pad skin and flaky skin all over can signify such irritation. You should take care of your dog’s coat and paws daily where they are exposed to snow and ice. Some of the chemicals in de-icing products can have highly detrimental effects on a dogs well-being and should be removed immediately. Hence paws should be wiped on return from each and every walk.

4. Dry Air.

Air from air conditioners along with general heating systems effect on air quality can irritate your dog.

Sinus problems and a weakening effect on the immune system can result. If you are noticing a slight headache your dog is potentially dehydrated also. You should consider providing a humidifier in areas where your dog lives.

5. Winter Wear

Particularly if your dog is short coated, they may feel the cold more. You should consider a dog sweater or coat for winter wear. This may well allow your dog to tolerate necessary cold winter walks with more comfort. You can also have a little fun with this, there are dog outfits of various different themes available and something to suit ever dogs personality.

Final Thoughts

Unless you live in a year round warm weather climate, it is important to take the time to properly plan for winter months in order to properly care for your canine family members.

However with careful consideration for the cold, the winter months have a lot of fun to offer for you and your dog. 

Be sure to check out the blog post “How to best celebrate holidays with your dog” for some further ideas how to have fun regardless of what the weather throws at you.

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