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What Can I Give My Dog for Arthritis?

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If you’re searching for natural pain relief for dogs with arthritis, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the most popular natural arthritis treatments for dogs, as well as some more unique ways to ease their joint pain and make your pup feel more comfortable.

Since this progressive joint disease can cause discomfort, pain, and sore joints, and make leading an active lifestyle more difficult, canine pain relief is key to improving your pet’s quality of life.

So whether you’ve tried some alternative arthritis pain treatments for dogs in the past, or you’re entirely new to the world of natural pain relief for dogs.

Get ready to unlock a whole range of helpful treatments that don’t involve a trip to the veterinarian for prescriptions of nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs, etc.

(One great thing you can do for your dog's joint pain is buy them a high-quality orthopedic dog bed).

arthritis in dogs and joint pain

Natural Joint Pain Relief For Dogs With Arthritis

If you prefer to say no to prescription medication from your DVM veterinarian, it’s time to consider alternative tools and treatments for your dog's arthritis.

Many pet parents are concerned about the side effects that surgery and prescription medication can have on their beloved animals.

Despite many treatments being completely safe, if you still prefer to find a less invasive or drug-free approach to treating arthritis in dogs, we hear you loud and clear!

With many chronic conditions, treatment for canine arthritis in dogs is all about making your pet feel more comfortable and happier.

Whether it’s walking pain-free or sleeping without worrying about stiff joints in the morning.

Simple lifestyle changes are often very effective in improving your pup’s overall sense of health and well-being.

So, whether you have a senior pup unable to go down the medical route or have an energetic puppy suffering from canine arthritis.

We’re about to reveal ten amazing natural arthritis treatments for dogs that don’t involve drugs, surgery, or seeing your veterinarian. 

1: Switch To Fresh Snacks

Antioxidants are a great way to fight inflammation and help chronic canine health conditions.

High in essential vitamins and minerals, try and upgrade your pup’s snacks or mealtime by introducing blueberries to their diet.

Packed up with vitamin C, blueberries will help strengthen their bones and the connective tissue in joints. 

Since weight has a significant impact on how much pain your pup will be in, pay close attention to the snacks, and treats you’re giving them throughout the day.

Carrot sticks are a healthy and delicious snack to treat an arthritic dog. Fresh and crunchy carrots are full of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, potassium, and fiber.

Far better for a dog hoping to slim down, a baby carrot stick is a fantastic replacement for any dog biscuit.

Plus, this root vegetable is super low in calories and contains pantothenic acid, folate, iron, and copper. 

2: Turmeric

This yellow superfood is not only great for humans but also excellent for arthritic dogs too.

A natural root, turmeric can reduce pain and is also one of the best natural anti-inflammatories for dogs.

It has been used for centuries to treat arthritis with antioxidant properties, and studies have found that turmeric has a wide range of health benefits. 

To help your dog by using turmeric, by a paste from your health food store. Add a ¼ tsp per day of paste per 10 lbs of your dog’s weight to their food.

3: Install Ramps

Canine arthritis will make walking, climbing stairs, and getting around the house increasingly difficult for your pup.

So, to help them out, invest in some ramps. If you know your dog can’t resist jumping up on the sofa, and you aren’t going to stop them.

Make sure it’s easy for them to climb up by placing a ramp from the floor to their favorite spot.

Consider investing in a set of doggie steps for easier access outside and slings if you often take your pup out in the car.

By making things easier on their sore joints, you’re going to be preventing further damage to your dog, as well as improvising their quality of life.

4: Licorice

Another great plant to use as natural pain relief for dogs is licorice. Yes, you know, the one that black candy loved by grandmothers.

Well, little did you know that this plant has incredible medicinal properties. One of its many uses is to treat arthritis.

Fast-acting and one of the best natural anti-inflammatories for dogs, see if you can convince your pup to drink some cold licorice tea.

Or, you can add up to 60 drops per 20 pounds of body weight twice a day in a cup of water.

5: Make Grooming A Ritual

To make sure your pup doesn’t trip, slid or fall over, grooming is essential. Try to make this into a daily or weekly ritual and keep their nails trimmed.

Having trimmed nails will prevent your pup from becoming unsteady on their feet and will help gait. If you let their nails grow too long, this can lead to painful paws and uneven walking patterns.

If your pup tries to avoid the pain from their overgrown nails by shifting their weight onto their hind legs, it’s going to make canine arthritis even worse.

6: Hemp Oil For Canine Arthritis

Hemp oil is currently being used to treat chronic health conditions in humans, and some people are now starting to use it to treat canine arthritis.

Hemp oil may help improve senior dog’s ability to move, and as small as 2mg of Hemp oil twice a day has been found to improve mobility in dogs with osteoarthritis.

7: Ginger

Similar to turmeric and licorice, ginger is another kitchen cupboard staple that could help your arthritic dog.

Known to aid digestive conditions, ginger is said also to help ease arthritis pain. Ginger works by increasing circulation in senior dogs who lack mobility and have a restricted range of movement.

To give you dog ginger, start with raw ginger root which can be bought from most grocery stores. Remove the skin, peel and mince.

Now mix around ½ tsp of the ground up ginger into your dog’s food. For smaller dogs, only use ¼ tsp.

For larger breeds, you can try ¾ tsp if ½ tsp isn’t working.

8: Orthopedic Dog Bed

Treating your arthritic dog to a warm and comfy bed will show your pup just how much you love them.

Orthopedic dog beds are specially designed to help reduce pain and stiffness in joints and hips.

An orthopedic dog bed’s warmth will also make their sore joints less painful and help them drift off to sleep.

You can also add heat pads to their orthopedic dog bed during the colder months of the year.

Take a look at our online collection of orthopedic dog beds here.

9: Use Joint Supplements for Arthritis 

Doggie supplements are natural and contain glucosamine and chondroitin to help protect sore joints and reduce the pain of arthritis.

Made especially for arthritic and senior dogs, a supplement will fight inflammation, strengthen your dog’s immune system, and give them a new lease of life.

Often containing fish oil, supplements will support joint lubricants’ natural production for healthy cartilage and joints.

10: Love & Support

If they struggle with arthritis, howing your pup that you’re there for them, whether they’re having a good day or a bad one, is so important.

Since they offer you unconditional love and attention, it’s your turn to repay the favor if they are in pain and discomfort.

Shower them with cuddles, praise, and attention and watch their little faces light up.

Treat them to a warm blanket, pillows, a new collar, or perhaps a new toy.

The more love they feel, the better they’ll cope with anything life throws their way!

That's it for this post but you might also like to read about the best bed for a disabled dog or this one about how to help a dog with arthritis at home.

Ok so thats it for this post asking what can I give my dog for arthritis?

Thanks for stopping by to visit our blog.

NOTE - While home treats are great, if you have serious concerns about your dog's health and arthritis, please consult your local DVM veterinarian.

If the natural solutions don't work then you might need to give your dog some anti inflammatory drugs (nsaids).

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