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What is the Bobby Bed made from?

Mattress base: is made up of an egg crate foam structure base. There is a top layer of premium memory foam which adapts to the contours of your dog’s anatomy without sinking. Each piece of foam is separately wrapped in a dust mite & water resistant lining. These materials prevent the bed from becoming soiled & odorful.

Chin Rests: made from 100% superior memory foam. The bolster foam is made of a higher density foam than the central base, so as to provide greater levels of support to the head & neck areas

Can I wash the Bobby Bed?

Yes! The Bobby Bed was developed with practicality in mind. The Bobby Bed easily unzips with the zipper and is fully machine washable. A medium temperature with a mild detergent is recommended. Do not machine dry. The memory foam inserts are protected by waterproof casings therefore simply wipe these with damp cloth and mild detergent.

Is the outer Microfibre material water resistant?

No. We did not want to expose your dog to potentially harmful waterproofing chemicals. The Bobby bed has the best of both worlds! We chose to waterproof the internal sections of the bed and sourced the most comfortable, premium quality microfibre outer available today. Each foam section is individually wrapped in a water and dust mite resistant lining to keep them clean and fresh.

Is the Bobby Bed waterproof?

No. Although the memory foam lining is water-resistant, it is not waterproof. This means that the bed protected against liquids given that they are cleaned up in good time. Prolonged contact with liquids potentially will allow permeation in to the bed. For dogs suffering from incontinence, ensure you remove the microfibre cover immediately after soiling and machine wash. Wipe the memory foam lining with a damp cloth and detergent. The Design decision to a use water resistant internal lining over waterproof the external cover lining ensures the memory foam is breathable and does not allow your dog to overheat.

Is the Bobby Bed chew proof?

Whilst we don't offer a guarantee against your dog damaging the bed, we are confidnt in the beds ability to stand up to chewing and clawing. The beds outer cover is particularly robust. Given the base of the bed is weighty and solid with a skid proof base, it is difficult for dogs to move. Please read our Google and SNS reviews for very positive customer feedback on the longevity of a Bobby!

Will my dog get too hot in the Bobby Bed?

No. Because the Bobby Bed does not sink with your dog's weight, allowing air to flow around your dog's body.

Why the Chin Rests?

Dogs naturally feel comfortable when resting their chins on a slightly elevated surface. The higher density foam used on these bolstered sections of the bed offers perfect levels of support.

Does the Bobby Bed come in other colors?

Bobby bed is currently available in two colors, cool grey and beige. These colors are very easy to incorporate in to the majority of homes décor color scheme. However, we are always keen to continually develop our products to further meet our customers needs. Therefore, should there be a specific color you desire for your next Bobby bed, please feel free to email us at info@bobbybed.com

Do you have any Bobby Bed stockists?

At the moment we only sell the Bobby Bed online at Bobbybed.com. If you need help with choosing a size after checking out our size chart, please get in touch with us at info@bobbybed.com or via live chat.

What is the best size Bobby bed for my dog?

The product size chart is a reference guide only and is based on your dogs nose to base of tail measurement. The suggested sizing is to allow your dog to fully stretch out on his bobby, although in reality many dogs like to curl up. Please also consider the amount of space you would require at home to fit a bed of the specified dimensions.

 Do your beds come with a warranty?

Our beds have a warranty agains manufacturing defects only. Damage caused by rough play from your dog is not covered by this.

On opening my Bobby bed looks nothing like the photos and is very flat

Please allow up to one week for your new bed to rise fully. Your dog can however use the product straight away without hindering this process.

Is my Bobby Bed Scratch Proof?

Light scratching is ok as our specialist microfibre covers a re hardwearing. If more damage is ever caused please see our range of replacement covers, enabling you to replace the cover and not the whole bed.

Do you have a credit payment system in place?



We offer Ground Shipping which typically takes 3-5 business days and is free on orders above $50, we also offer Express 2 day shipping & worldwide shipping. More details can be found under our shipping page

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