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What is Memory Foam and Why is it Important for Your Dog’s Bed?

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Chewing toys, guarding the house, and chasing birds take time, dedication, and a lot of energy, and when your pup starts to feel sleepy, they’ll be looking for somewhere warm, cozy, and comfortable to rest their head.

Memory foam dog beds are a worthwhile investment for a man’s best friend and will give your dog a snug and safe place to sleep.

Whether you have a playful and energetic Labrador, a cute corgi, or perhaps a striking Italian greyhound, these goofy bundles of joy all deserve a unique bed of their own.

So let’s explore the benefits of orthopedic foam and find out why this particular fabric makes the best dog beds.

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 Benefits of Orthopedic dog beds

The Technology Behind Memory Foam Pet Beds

Using breathable open-cell technology, memory foam pet beds will hug your pup no matter how they decide to sleep at night.

Memory foam works by molding around your dog’s body and bouncing back to its original shape when your pup moves. This helps to evenly distribute your dog's weight and reduce stress and tension on their spine, joints, and muscles.

Supporting their head, shoulders, and hips, your dog will be far more comfortable sitting, lying down, and sleeping in a memory foam dog bed.

Orthopedic Foam Pet Bed

Orthopedic egg-crate memory foam, also known as convoluted foam, promotes air circulation and regulates heat.

The little egg-shaped bumps used in memory foam pet beds form peaks and valleys, improving blood flow for your pup and minimizing pressure on their hips and shoulders.

This is what makes these types of dog beds super comfortable, especially if your pup is older or suffering from a health condition such as arthritis or has dysplasia pain. At Bobby Bed, our bespoke egg-crate memory foam pet beds won’t sink over time and will withstand the weight and pressure of larger dogs too.

Sleeping Pup

5 Benefits of Memory Foam Dog Beds

If you’ve been thinking of investing in an orthopedic foam pet bed for a while, here are five reasons to buy one for your pooch today!

1: Regulate Your Pup’s Temperature

At Bobby Bed, our orthopedic foam pet beds have the unique ability to regulate your pup’s body temperature while they snooze or sleep. Our designs include breathable and waterproof linings to ensure your dog is cool during the summer and warm during the winter. 

2: Cosy & Comforting

Memory foam dog beds are super comfy and will give your dog a significantly better night’s sleep.

Whether you have a new puppy or a senior dog, memory foam will help them to find a good sleeping position faster and minimize disruptions to their sleep due to movement throughout the night. So for a well-rested pup, no matter their age or size, choose an orthopedic foam pet bed.

3: More Hygenic

Although memory foam may seem thicker than a regular dog bed, it’s very easy to clean and keep smelling fresh throughout the year.

At Bobby Bed, we have designed memory foam dog beds that are waterproof and come with removable, anti-bacterial, and machine washable covers. This is especially important if your pup suffers from allergies or skin irritations.

4: Long-lasting Investment

Another key benefit of buying a memory foam pet bed is that despite the sometimes higher price tag, they’re a one-off investment that will stand the test of time.

When you choose a cheaper alternative, you might end up spending more in the long run, but if you buy a Bobby Bed orthopedic memory foam dog bed, they’re built to last.

Our designs don’t sag under the weight of your pup and are scratch and chew-proof too. So, don’t worry if you notice your dog digging in bed at night. This is an instinct and won’t damage their new memory foam bed.

5: Reduces Anxiety & Stress

If your pup is a little anxious, or you’ve recently adopted a dog from a rescue shelter, a memory foam bed will give them a safe place to call their own.

As dogs naturally enjoy sleeping in a den of some kind, investing in a cozy and comforting memory foam basket or pet bed will give your pup security and their own space to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This will help new dogs to get used to their new home and surroundings, and anxious pups to feel comforted when they’re worried or frightened.

Bear Sleeping

Will Memory Foam Dog Beds Last

The beauty of a memory foam dog bed is that they’re built to last. Our orthopedic pet beds come with changeable covers at Bobby Bed, made from a durable and robust fabric.

Double-stitched and with concealed zips, you don’t need to worry if you see your dog digging in bed at night, scratching or chewing the corners of their bed.

Often pups can do this before settling down for the night, especially if they’re restless, so instead of getting frustrated that they might damage their bed, you can rest easy knowing that your investment will last.

Your pup will get a beautiful night’s sleep for many years to come. So if you want to give your dog the feeling of sleeping on a cloud, it’s certainly worth investing in a high-quality memory foam pet bed today.

Best Dog Bed To Buy

Since pups come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and breeds, we offer memory foam dog beds in a range of styles and sizes too.

From small pet beds perfect for French Bulldogs, Corgis, Beagles, and other small dogs, medium-sized memory foam beds ideal for Foxhounds, Collies, Italian Greyhounds, and Poodles, to large orthopedic foam pet beds fit for a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Chow Chow or even a Saint Bernard.

Every dog deserves a thoroughly good night’s sleep, so please check out our online collection and treat your best friend to a tail-wagging surprise.

And you might also like to read some of our other posts such as this one about what is an orthopedic dog bed? Or this one all about dog hip dysplasia home treatment.

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