How To Train Your Dog To Stay Off The Furniture.

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In some households dogs are allowed on the furniture. Dogs love this snuggling on the sofa as it is back to the pack mentality for them. 

However, in some circumstances dogs are better not to go on furniture that is meant for you. This may be because the dog becomes territorial or for reasons of allergy amongst family members as an example.

Don't fret, training your dog to stay off of the couch can be a simple process if you apply the following.

1. Consistency 

It is important to remain consistent with your preference for if your dog can come to the couch or not. Without consistency there is confusion and confusion can lead to stress.

2. Create a Haven

If you choose to keep your dog off of the couch the first thing you should do is purchase a nice cosy dog bed for them to make their haven. You may need one for each room you hang out in, so he always has someplace to go when you're on the furniture. You can praise your dog every time he goes on his bed, reinforcing their want to be there.

3. Teach 'Off Couch' command

By teaching this command you can bring control to when your dog is allowed to venture on to the couch. Have some treats to hand and in a firm voice say “off couch,” simultaneously, throwing a treat a few feet away from the couch should be enough to make your dog get off the couch, whilst the snack reinforces the association between the command and the action. You should then go on to direct your dog to his bed and praise him for getting on it.

Try not to yell or punish your dog, dogs learn much better when shown what to do in a positive way.

4. Remove the opportunity to get on the couch

When you are out your dog is more likely to break the rules and jump on the couch. However this is not unavoidable. Simply by enclosing them in another room with their own bed present should be enough to reinforce your policies even when you are not there!

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