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Does Dog Anxiety Music Work? (Yes Music for Dogs is a Thing)

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Can It Help Soothe and Calm Your Pet Dogs?

It is not uncommon for dogs of various breeds to react negatively to stressful situations or a variety of loud, sudden sounds.

Thunderstorms, fireworks, very loud music and separation anxiety are all culprits that can cause dogs to become nervous and fearful.

Being left alone for long periods can often cause your pooch to become anxious (separation anxiety), aggressive, depressive, or even destructive, ruining your furniture and creating messes in the home.

If you dog has had trauma in early life (shelter dogs would be a good example of this) it can also have an effect on levels of stress later in life.

These are all obvious signs of stress and separation anxiety in your pup.

Luckily, there are many ways to calm your dog, give you, the owner, peace of mind when leaving for work, or help get your dog through an incredibly loud storm.

These calming music techniques are ideal for relaxing your dog, whether you have a new puppy or an older one.

Music to Calm Dogs: What is it and How Can it Help to Calm Your Dog?

Recent research and studies have shown that animals react positively to calming music, similar to humans.

Depending on the instruments, rhythms, and tones used to create the song, specific relaxing music genres are calming for your pets than others.

For example, cats react well to classical music, country music and jazz music, while dogs showed improved anxiety symptoms when owners left stations playing classical music, soft rock, or reggae music.

(Yes you read that right dogs like soft rock music!)

This relaxing music for dogs can help anxious dogs.

These songs for dogs can be left playing calming music all day on your streaming device or comprised into a playlist, which allows for a mix and match of genres to play throughout the day.

Cortisol, a stress hormone in dogs, was significantly reduced at shelters when this music method was used, along with other improvements such as lower heart rates, fewer signs of separation anxiety, and helped with excessive barkers.

Music therapy is a known natural stress-reliever in humans, heightening current mood levels, reducing stress, and helping with various sleep disorders.

If relaxing music can benefit people, why wouldn't it benefit our furry friends?

Relaxing Music for Dogs and White Noise Specifically Created to Help Your Pet Dog Relax And Feel Less Anxious

Due to the discovery of the fact that calming music can help dogs by calming your dog mentally and emotionally.

Various YouTube music channels have begun to make specific mixes of ambient sounds and background tunes, which are made exclusively for dogs.

One such famous channel, boasting over half a million subscribers, is called "Relax My Dog."

Here they play music that consists of slow tempo sounds, calming melodies, and they utilize instruments such as flutes and pianos to calm an anxious dog. The best part?

Each music mix is from twelve to fifteen hours long, in case the dog needs to be left alone for a more extended period, this is the music to help.

That's right research has proven that relaxing music for dogs can help calm your dog, so why not use music to help your dog relax?

Other channels offer different a variety of services.

One other called "PetTunes," for example, offers live videos of nature scenes, such as birds eating from a feeder or videos of bunnies hopping through a field.

Their music includes background nature ambiance, such as singing birds, wind blowing, chipmunks chittering and people talking in low voices.

This is an excellent option for "dog television," which distracts them further from their anxious ways, as they not only have music to listen to but also something to watch and help them stay calm.

Other Methods to Help Relax and Calm Your Pet Dog

There are thankfully, many different options for anxious dogs besides soft rock music, pop music and TV in today's growing dog market.

  1. Physical Activity – Often, mainly when still a puppy, anxiety can stem from an underwhelming amount of activity during the day. Dogs are incredibly intelligent creatures that need daily mental stimulation. This can be achieved by taking your dog on a long walk or running at the dog park. Tiring out your dog can help calming their anxiety and help them sleep longer, curing your dog's possible sleep deprivation.
  2. Doggy Diffusers – Aromatherapy is not just for humans! Many dog-friendly brands have created synthetic, liquid pheromones, which are diffused around the house, calming your pet's anxious tendencies. These options also come in spray and collar varieties.
  3. Crates – Crates are meant to be a safe space for your dog and, with the proper training and dedication, you can train your pup to run to their crate when left alone (great for separation anxiety) or when they are feeling anxious, such as during a loud thunderstorm. It is best to opt for a crate that is big enough for your pet to turn around in, as tight, confined spaces can add to their anxiety. It may also help leave a piece of clothing with your scent inside the crate, to entice them to use it when stressed. It is best to place the crate in a low-traffic zone of your house or a secure room for added comfort.
  4. Dog Beds – Thanks to the ever-growing dog market, many brands have created calming beds for dogs specifically meant for anxious behavior. A simple Google search will show you the many options available, from big, soft, doughnut-shaped beds to premium-grade orthopedic beds to ease the pain for older dogs or dogs with chronic health conditions. A popular option as of late is dog beds that engulf the pet in a thick layer of faux fur and a rounded, puffy shape, meant to feel like being swaddled.

Overall, there are various options to try to help your dog conquer their anxiety issues, wherever they may stem from.

It is vital to take your dog to the vet before trying to help them at home, as there may be an underlying health effect that is causing your dog to suffer from anxiety.

Make sure to spend lots of time with them, exhausting their high energy levels and giving them all the love they crave and rightfully deserve.

You might also find it useful to consult a professional dog trainer for more advice.

In conclusion, you may ask at some point in your dog's life, how can I better relax my dog? There are a variety of methods you can use to help calm your dog, as outlined above.

However, a convenient technique is to allow your pup to listen to calming music for dogs to ease anxiety problems.

I know it might sound crazy but yes listening to music really can have a positive effect on your dog in helping them stay calm.

Dog relaxing, calming music music has excellent benefits for your dog's well-being.

It can be used to lower their heart rate and positively effect canine anxiety and other stress problems such as those stemming from noise phobia or separation anxiety for instance. 

We hope that you enjoyed this post about music for dogs to soothe separation anxiety and other issues, if you did then we have more posts you might find interesting...

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